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16 Jan 2013

Shopping episode & some useless updates

Apologies for not writing as frequent as I used to as I had not much interesting experiences to share now since school started again and my timetable are somewhat full.

The weather are getting colder and I love it very much. Now it feels like winter and it snowed briefly yesterday. I took a few pictures but the snow just refused to show up on my pictures and due to the not-so-cold weather, the floor isn't carpeted with white snow, it just looks like it had been raining. So, nothing very exciting there. And as I predicted, it stops in an hour time. But feel free to check out pictures online. Norwich (where UEA, my alma mater, is) was beautiful yesterday.

Source from dailymail.co.uk. So unfair, when I was there, it was just ONCE it is like that. Come on, London, SNOW, SNOW, SNOW, SNOW. I wish for thick snow and everything was white when I woke up in the morning, nothing but snow greets me. SNOW!!!! Cold please leave Canada and come to England or just London would be sufficient.

So, I am stocking up on knits. Knit wear isn't much useful in Malaysia. You would either got a heat attack or someone would look at you weird if you wear knits out. Yes, Malaysian tend to be judgemental sometimes. Because I do that too. I am sorry to admit but at least I am honest.

H&M offer a great deal of beautiful knits in an affordable price. These are what I wanted to get. I love the pastel colour but aren't too adventurous to try out pink and lilac as it is a tad too girly for me.

Pictures of tops are from H& M UK.

Also, Asos' apparels and accessories are too much that I wish I could finish browsing everything. But I got bored after a while and start to filter out those that I don't like and sizes which I don't fit in. Due to my own cleverness, I decided that it wasn't gonna be cold so I did not bring my coat with me. So, I had to buy, though I wouldn't complain, but so far I hasn't been able to find something that I like. Yet.

Something quite worth me mentioning is Uniqlo's HeatTech. To be honest, it was quite plain and generally not quite attractive to me, but oh, how warm it kept me. Its like a long john but a more attractive long john. But it was really really thin and it kept me warm, without looking like a penguin. Being the tropical girl, I refuse to bulk myself up as I find it unattractive and troublesome, so this was just perfect for me.

I am going to watch Les Miserables this coming weekend and I can't wait to watch. I love Anne Hathaway from her Princess Diaries days and of course, its pronouce "lei mi-se-ra". hahahahahaha. Just kidding. I wanted to watch both movie and theatrical version as I had really good experience with The Phantom of the Opera.

This is a short update on the weather and me. I apologies in advance if I lack some interesting writing ups because there really is nothing much important to write about.

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