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21 Jan 2013

Its winter, finally

*To those that was wondering why I did not update on Facebook, well, I prefer this platform, it is less "show-off", more on "trying-to-share-my-experience". I hope that you understand why I lack updates on Facebook.*

I was envious of countries that snow. Canada, where my friend is was snowing on and off. Most part of the world had been snowing. Why isn't London snowing? I remembered 5 years ago, my cousin told me that it rarely snow in London. The following year, it snowed abit during March in Norwich, that was 2008. Winter 2008, it snowed but snow doesn't last long. A year later, I went home for Christmas and I was greeted by snow when I return from home during January 2010. The weather had gradually became colder, from no snow to little snow, to mild moderate snow to ACTUAL snow.I was jealous that during Winter 2010, the snow came as early as November. London was snowing heavily. The first since 2007, first for a long long time. Naturally, I was secretly hoping for snow. Its not my first time encountering with snow. I played with, rolled in, touched, tasted snow when I was on holiday when I was younger. But somehow, even someone from a snowing-cold country would be very excited when it snow, so it is only normal if a tropical girl like me is excited with all the snow going on.

After months of anticipation, the first glimpse of snow came a week ago on 14 January 2013. It was brief and short, the snow didn't had a chance to accumulate. It is just as if it had rain. I was slightly happy but I knew that it won't last.

15 January 2013, it was really cold, temperature went down to negative but still no sign of snow. I started bundling up even though I hated it really much.

Then come 18 January 2013, my friend tagged me on Instagram. She was really excited. I was kind of neutral as the snow accumulated isn't as thick as I want it to be. Imagine, white snow, everything is blanketed with white snow, not just a few white patch here and there. It snowed for quite some time on 18 January (friday) but stopped and soon, the snow started to melt away. I did took the opportunity to take a few pictures and everything looks beautiful.

There are some snow on the roof top but you can still see some green.

19 January 2013, I woke up early in the morning, hoping there would be snow everywhere and I would get the chance to take the first picture of snow when no one had ruined the fresh snow by walking on it. To my disappointment, there were NO snow.

20 January 2013, hoping to get up early so that I could run some errands, I overslept. I woke up every now and then to check whether there is snow. Without my glasses, I am basically half blind. I mistook snow for mist and went back to bed. It is not until I decided to wake up, I realised that it was snowing, quite substantially. I pulled on my leggings, put on my thermal pants, gear up and head out, clutching phone in my hand, trying not to care about the cold.

And there it was....

SNOWING QUITE HEAVILY!!!!! Notice the "whiteness" in this picture is more dense than the first one? There are no green patches on the rooftop.


Hard to imagine that just 4 months ago, when I first arrived and now. Of course, I prefer everywhere when it is snowing. =)

I wish I could capture how heavy the snow is but my camera isn't good and fast enough. But it should be very clear how heavily the snow is in this picture.


Even the hustle and bustle of London calmed down for the snow. This place is just off the main road but it seems like its a world away from the busy London, best of both worlds I'd say.

 I can't get over how picturesque this is.

 Naturally, there are snow balls fight.

Path taken!

See how deep the snow is?

20th January is a very special day to me, one year ago and today. Coincidentally, it snowed so heavily on exactly 20th January a year later. Making everything wonderful and pretty. I hope for the future 20th Januarys, it will be as pretty as it is today.

Ending the post with a video taken by me to show how heavy the snow was. Unfortunately when this was written, the snow had stopped. Now, its the slush and freezing ice to walk on. Wish me luck on the slippery roads in London. I hope all of you enjoyed my little adventure out in the snow.

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