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27 Jan 2013

International Night, a reply and a random building in London

*To start off, I apologise for not realising there is a comment on my post on Vanilla. I would like to reply to the comment and had change the settings on my blogger so that I would receive a notification on comments. =) I like the comment, its from a perspective that I never thought of. It is due to the high demand on Vanilla that leads to it being the most basic and simple taste and scent in the world? It sounded quite ironic isn't it? So, is it better to get all the attention and not being special or being unique while remaining quite unknown? But yet again, does being mainstream mean being simple or plain?*

Yesterday was the most fun I had in years. We had this International Night planned, although not much people showed up, I still had a good time. The International Night stayed true to its name, there are only 1 country repetition. We have friends from Bahrain, Pakistan, Norway, Turkey, Brazil, Russia, Indonesia, Malaysia (ME!) and Italy (Pizza). How international was it? Hahaha. Without the restriction on someone checking up on me and some help from alcohol, I realised that I am actually quite capable of having a good fun. Hahaha. I am glad that I did attend even though I had to rush from one end to another end of central London.

I had so much fun that the fun continued in my dream. The dream was about me getting another tattoo, without any planning, I just go forward and tell the tattoo artist I wanted a tattoo, but what and where, I don't know. Then I let him draw all over me to decide where I want it to be. I was enjoying myself in the dream, with a few friends of mine and a few friend of his.

I ended up getting a tattoo around the rib area. A huge one. I am sad when I woke up and realised that it was just a dream. Imagine getting a tattoo without feeling the pain of needles. LOL. This is the interpretation from www.dreammoods.com : To dream that you have tattoos represent your sense of individuality and the desire to stand out in a crowd. You want to be unique and different from everybody else, particularly if you do not have any tattoos in real life. Consider also what the tattoo is and what significance it has in your life. It may represent something that has left a lasting impression on you. Alternatively, to dream that you have a tattoo suggests that a waking situation or decision is having a much longer lasting effect that you had expected. "

This tattoo dream came after I decided to put myself out there and mix around more, I'll take it as a good sign. =)

Pity that I was busy socializing and did not have a lot of pictures. But I shall post whatever I have.

Andres (Red), Hiran (leather jacket), Ipek (the only girl) and Paulo (the blur).

And Taha in blue, I like how striking his top is, compared to the pool table.

Aren't pizza the easiest and ultimate choices when everyone is either too lazy or too busy? Valentina made an apple cinnamon cake which is so good that before I could reach for pictures, it was all gone.

Thats Valentina, she made a wicked apple cinnamon cake, I never really like cinnamon but I had 2 slices! and Nurul with her back facing the camera.

There were others (Shaami, apologies if im wrong, and some other friends of Hiran) but unfortunately not captured in my pictures, perhaps you can stalk facebook for further pictures? To end the blog, can someone tell me what does the building below resembles? I think it resembles a bullet. Taha thinks it looks like a cucumber. =.= I am looking for the most creative answer. LOL.

Source: http://blog.marketing-soc.org.uk/tag/the-gherkin/

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