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2 Jan 2013

Paris Day 1

On the third day, we decided to just do some souvenir shopping (again) in Disneyland because we had to check out at 11am & we finished most of the rides that we wanted to go on, only Indiana Jones left. I was slightly relieved as I don't think I can take roller coaster rides anymore. Old me. Hehe. With a heavy heart, we left the happiest on earth & the world did not end (it was 21st December 2012), bummer.

We said goodbye to Disneyland, Paris. I must say that I am glad that I agreed to go. I didn't know that I would enjoy Disneyland this much. =) And then we bought a single way ticket to Paris city centre using the RER.

Our tiny hotel (only 38 rooms) are located near the metro & it is Malaysian-owned. I found out after realizing that the restaurant downstairs serves Malaysian food. Yes, roti canai, nasi lemak was on the menu. Obviously, we didn't try although we would love to (u know being more of an expert than a French eating Malaysian food, even though most of you know that I am never a fan of Malaysian food. Well, maybe Roti Canai)

It is small & cosy. I like how it feels though I think the toilet could be slightly larger. It feels like a student accommodation, if only my room in London has a window sill like that.

Our view from the hotel room. see how "Paris" is it.

After settling in the room, we wander off to Rue du Lafayette, its quite a famous & upscale place in Paris & we are in the mood for some french crepe (just fyi, it is pronounce as "crap" in french & I am right =))

With belly full of espresso & crepe, we begin our journey. In Europe, every turn you make, there is a beautiful building standing there, begging for me to take a picture. It is so scenic everywhere.

This is the famous Galleries Lafayette, which is like Harrods in London or Bukit Bintang in KL, housing all luxurious designer brands.

It feels like I never left Disneyland. I see princessy decor & heard Disney songs throughout the department store. One thing though, French indoors tend to be heavily heated, the longer you stay in there together with the crowd, you will start to feel claustrophobic & difficult to breathe.

Check out the ceiling & the decor.

Due to the excessive in-door heating, I went out to get a breather. This is the scene from the overhead bridge linking 2 department stores together.

Of course, how could you not visit Sephora when you visit France, where this brand is originally from. Also, their wide range of lotions & shower gels are too tempting to pass on. Guess which scent I get?

After being suffocated to death, we continue our journey & ended up in Champs-Elysees, where you could spot Arc Du Triomphe at one end & a huge Ferris Wheel in another. The camera isn't doing any justice. It is just marvellous, even with rude drivers staring at us (we are standing on the divider in the middle of the road) & yes, this road is the one with huge luxury designer brands, for example, the LV store on this road is 4 stories high.

Of course, there is Gangnam Style EVERYWHERE & its always Asian dancing it.

In most corner of Paris, you could spot Eiffel Tower.

There is such things that call McCafe, it basically serves more healthy food that McD's usual fastfood. Guess what they even have macarons (oh, you French pastries!)

But instead of going for the healthy options, I went for this.

Bagel burger....I love Bagel. Period.

It was a long day & the sight of Arc Du Triomphe really round up a long, fruitful day.

Here's a picture of the station under Musee Du Louvre to round up day 3 (21st December 2012) of my Paris Trip, winter 2012.

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