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17 Aug 2013

The city I love do love me back Part I

Why? Because of what I've experienced so far, I don't think any other city would be able to offer because no two cities would be able to do that. I count myself lucky that I am able to travel and explore different great cities but somehow, my heart always find it way back to London.

London is a city full of history. I used to love United States a lot, listing Los Angeles as my favourite city in the world. I dreamed of studying in the states because from what the entertainment culture has taught us, America is more exciting and Britain had passed their glory days.

Boy, I couldn't be more wrong. The pop culture that we were exposed to are just one-sided. Mainly because America are more successful in their marketing strategies and Malaysian TV favours the American entertainment as opposed to their British counterpart. Occasionally they will include a Brit in their shows / movies to spruce things up. Usually to be the villain of the story e.g. Dr Octavius (Alfred Molina) and not to mention the "guilty" clients in American TV series Suits.

Even with an interest on the States, I eventually settle on Great Britain for my tertiary studies. I must say that exposure and the experience does change my mind entirely. If I could describe Britain or rather London in one sentence, I would say that

NEW YORK is a younger version of LONDON. London has it all, the traditional and the interesting, young, hip culture all in the proximity of 1500km square. 
If you go to certain part of London, there is where all the gorgeous old buildings built hundreds and thousands years ago. But if you would walk 15 minutes either left, right, up or down, you might end up in a hip, young and upcoming neighbourhood, covered in interesting graffitis, waiting for you to discover and admire or even take a picture.

See what I meant? The past couple of weeks, I see myself walking around whole of London because my current tenancy will end in a couple of weeks and I am looking for a place to stay. Suffice to say that areas that I like is out of my price range and those that are, I don't like. But fret not, I found myself a new place, I wont be sleeping under any bridge any time soon.

The following 2 weeks will be a hectic couple of weeks for me. Having to juggle between school, social life and a visitor from homeland, not to mention putting off very emotional sessions with Pretty Girl and D. Please do forgive if I do not update as often.

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