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20 Aug 2013

Girl with a great soft jelly heart

Sorry for not updating regularly again! This past weeks had been stressful for me, physically and emotionally. =) Even though its not sorted completely yet, its getting better and I am looking forward to the day when it does.

In about a month's time, my great love interest is leaving London. I am sure I will be seeing her again because I have a great feeling that we are stuck with each other for a while. You are not going to escape me forever!!! 

Remember this? 

Source: instagram

I am leaving on a rather unconventional holiday today. The destination is typical, nothing too extraordinary. But the experience on the other hand, its not for the faint hearted. I am semi faint hearted, I struggle abit but I think in the end I will appreciate my effort.

Upon leaving, I received a message. It made me tear up. If someone were to tell me I would have all these a year ago, I would think they are bullshitting. But I suppose I should be more open to possibility. :) 

I found the love of my life. I found my maid of honor (no longer need to use sister as backup plan), I found my future kid's godmother, I found my soulmate. I never in a million years would think I will meet someone so compatible with me. So sincere and critical yet so supporting. 

Here's part of the message: 
"You keep telling me you are difficult and I doubt it. You are not. You are so easy to be with; you dont judge, u listen, you try to understand, u r not jealous, u are fun, u are caring, u r smart, u r honest, u can get serious and also silly with me and we communicate well.. we get each other.. Cant imagine life would be like without u because u r my soulmate to me.

She saw the me that I did not know exist.   Thanks for being with me and there for me. I will definitely need you in the future, to share my happiness and sorrow. I love you, Pretty Girl. 


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