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29 Aug 2013

2 shades darker, none the wiser

Been basking myself in the beautiful and extremely hot Venetian sun at the birth place of Casanova. I took the great opportunity to wear pretty dresses that London weather did not allow me to. I think after months of not exposing myself to the sun does wonders to the skin. I tan really easy now and liking the new tan. I know lots of you doesn't really like long rambling post. I will let the pictures do the talking.
Photo credit to my personal photographer William (at least those with me in it).

Venice is always on my to go list but somehow I don't see myself going there as a young person. Perhaps its nicer to enjoy Venice is luxurious way rather than the budget way. Think hotel by St Mark's square or high end hotels with their own water way entrance. Food and water is so expensive that London pale in comparison.

That being said, even not with the correct companian, I really enjoy Venice and would love to go back when I could afford better. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

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