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3 Sep 2013


A few months ago, when planning on a summer holiday, we decided to visit cities that starts with V. He was all about Venice while I am more keen on the more mellow Vienna. Don't get me wrong, I love sunny and exotic Mediterranean weather, its always my top holiday destination. One, I can get a tan. Second, I make up for the lack of sunlight in England within that short few days.

But now, although I love it when the sun is out in London. I fell in love with the more melancholy weather during winter. Yes, its a tad depressing for some people but I love the dark, mysterious vibe that only winter could offer. That being said, I am still not ready for winter yet.

That aside, I hate the rain. I don't like rain in Malaysia when sometimes its good for the hot and humid weather, rain cools the weather down and got rid of the dreadful haze. I don't like rain anywhere. As luck is on our side, it rained the 3 days we were in Vienna and my warmest clothes involved a thin knit jumper and . To top that off, my Austrian friend gave me false hope on how cute the guys there are. Its false advertisement.

Although both are old cities, its pretty obvious that Vienna sent out a more mellow and relaxed vibe while Venice is all about the sun and the "heat". I am glad that I get to experience such diverse culture and weather.

I used to love travelling when I was young, flying in a plane is so exciting. Then I grew up and had to move to another country, which means constant travelling every few months. I hate the plane, I hate the waiting and the pain of getting pass airport security, don't get me started. Now, I still hate the plane ride and travelling. But when I got to a new place, just like magic, my problems that bugged me alot solved itself. I knew exactly what I should do and never question myself after that.

Perhaps its because I grew up and perspective changed. My past 2 trips was enlightening, it helps me think clearly from a different view. I moved to London to mend a broken heart, it turns out all I need is just a trip away from where I live. Haha.

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