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14 Sep 2013

My Gänseblümchen

4 days ago, my emotions just went all over London with me, in the cab, in the tube and on the bus. If someone ask me what is the most difficult thing that I have to go through by studying / living abroad? (I know, not much of my friends will ask that because to them I am a lucky, spoilt girl - maybe I am) I don't think living alone is difficult, I am lucky enough to have financial support from the family. I don't think its the studying and the fact that I have to do everything and solve all difficulties by myself. The most difficult thing is to say goodbye. What is more difficult is to say goodbye is when you say goodbye, you don't know when is the next time you will see this person again.

Sure, the world is small, we are all just a plane ride away. But there are more to it. Life happens. Life is a cruel creature. It makes you forget people, forget who was important to you. Perhaps I was the one that did not put any effort into our friendship but it goes both ways. The other party could have contact me. So, I am not the only one to be blame. Through all that, I have a principal that I stood by - don't get too attached to anyone. Because it hurts less when LIFE happens. So, I really envy people with friends from high school, primary school or childhood friends. Because I did not make enough effort to make the other party to make an effort.

I thought this is it. I am never looking for a person to be close with me, to be my friend forever. I am sure everyone is familiar with the saying "You will find love when you are not looking for it". Let me tell you, its true. I am sure you all are sick with me saying this again and again. I came to this country hoping not to have anything more than a degree and a fun year. I did had a fun year and degree (fingers crossed) but I have more now. I had always bear in mind that all these are temporary, my friends are going to leave and when LIFE happens, we are going to lost touch because we are simply too busy living our own life. But the year 2013 keep on proving me wrong.

Thanks for being there for me, Pretty Girl. Thanks for being understanding and accommodating, especially when I couldn't stop obsessing over things and people. Thanks for sitting with me when I went through emotional roller coaster, thanks for going to different places and bringing me to different places. Thanks for agreeing to do crazy, immature but extremely funny stunts with me. Thanks for those encouraging messages, it did helped me get through things a lot easier. But most importantly, thanks for all those pretty pictures. =)

Now that this part of your life has ended, I wish you good luck and I promise you, I will NEVER EVER forget you. Just promise me that you will enjoy your life to the fullest. Things will work out. My Gänseblümchen, till we meet again. Don't change too much. I love you.

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