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3 May 2014

What is LOVE - Part II

7 months ago I wrote about what I considered LOVE. That was a long time ago because things changed. When I said things, I meant THINGS. I fell out of love, I fell in love, repeated the process again, met new people that showed me love is more than just "love".

What I considered love is still valid for me and my definition of it expands to a whole new level. Why restrict yourself to one definition?

Love is:

  • When She still cries when she says goodbye, even though that was the umpteenth time.
  • When a kid made sure you got on the seesaw with him minutes before you leave and took away your shoes so that you can't leave.
  • When a kid decided to like you. Kids are the most authentic human being, no diplomacy, no politeness. They either like you or not.
  • When someone calls you bodoh (Malay for stupid) for certain actions but secretly like you for that. 
  • When someone made sure you stay true to your feelings even though he knows it will make you uncomfortable and upset. Then will stay there with you for the entire duration of your break down.
  • When someone told you that both of you will proceed of being in each other's lives for the rest of it. Contract void when one dies.
  • When they are always there no matter how far or how long you had wandered off.
  • When someone decided to take you as you are. All your quirks and all your exploitable kindness.

What is love to you? Is it conditional or unconditional? Does love makes you a scarier or more lovable person?

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