Written while Drunk on Thoughts

18 May 2014

Fellow Wanderer


Place I call home.
I found love, lost it and eventually found it again.
Funny how people you know for a year managed to make you feel more loved than someone that was in your life longer. 

We are verbal, we are physical.
Its true that love shouldn't come from the mouth.
It should come from actions. 
It comes from sitting next to you in your temporary home.
It comes from sitting opposite you on the happiness train.

The tears, the pain and the loneliness.
No we are not glamorous.
Nor are we any luckier. 

We are all humans.
Who left the comfort of home and wander.
It takes courage and patience. 

We fell, we cried, we whined.
But we always managed to learn,
the heart-wrenching way.

Its as if we are addicted.
Addicted to life lessons.


I would like to dedicate this poem to my fellow wanderer, the Splendid Wanderer. 

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  1. oh boy did I cry a little .. :D
    thanks ... its very nice x