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6 May 2014

Does age matter?

All my "relationships", I had always always been the younger one. Loosely translate to being the more immature one. It ranges from months to years. I used to think I am mature enough to handle the relationship only to realise I am not as mature as I would like to be.

Just about 2 months ago I met a younger person. He is not normally in my age horizon, more of my sister's. I must admit and apologise for being a person that is quick to judge. I see a person as young as my sister, immediately I came to conclusion that he is too young and a kid. I rarely associate myself with someone my own age, let alone someone younger. My bad.

An absolute sweetheart and had been with me through my breakdowns, confusion, good days and extremely bad moments. I am incredibly grateful that someone are willing to listen and is pleasantly surprise that it is him. Who knows someone that bears the Italian version name of the very same one that broke my heart is helping me heal what is remaining. Humans put on a mask that only show a tiny portion of their true self as self-defense. With him, I didn't. Perhaps he is just really good in convincing me that he is not a jerk.

With him being mature beyond his age, my previous perception about younger people changed forever. But that doesn't generalise all younger (than me) people. Same goes to people that are older. Maturity doesn't comes with age. It comes with experience.

I wanted to dedicate this post to you, my dear sweet friend. You are dearly missed. We will meet again in the near future.


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