Written while Drunk on Thoughts

25 Apr 2014

The Scent of You

The Scent of You

You are what cigarettes are to me.
I can't seem to keep away from the both of you.
No matter how hard I tried.

Even if I succeeded.
It never last.

Its a painful process.
A roller coaster ride.

I pride myself for never getting addicted to any substances.
Coffee, alcohol or close friends.

Quitting cold turkey is never a challenge.
But this is different.
Invisible but tangible differences.
This is because I relate cigarettes to you.

I don't care that cigarettes make me smell.
I don't care that cigarettes are essentially killing me slowly.
It reminds me of you.
Your presence and The SCENT OF YOU.

A mixture of tobacco, nicotine, you and that Hugo Boss cologne.
A scent that during summer has an extra musky ingredient.

Quitting cigarettes is getting rid of the small trace of you that is left.
I am not quitting just yet.
I am not ready to reduce you to being JUST A MEMORY.


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