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30 Jan 2014

Land of Ice

Also known as Iceland, 冰岛. This is probably the worse translation ever. Ísland is the Icelandic version. Simple, modern and to the point, I think thats a Viking trait. That is why I love Nordic countries. Everything is made simple and sleek.

Everyone loves travelling, I am no exception. But I do it alone. This limits me to only certain countries but so far, I am loving it. It was in the underground with my mother that Iceland came to mind, because I saw an advert on Guardian / Metro.

Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis, is the main reason. Why not? It exists only in the far north or south of the Northern or Southern Hemisphere and its the equivalent of rainbow in Malaysia. Tourists are amazed by it, locals see it even now and then.

Without thinking twice, I booked my flight and accommodation to Iceland and decided to just follow the flow when I got there. That was the trip of my life. I have no idea what I was doing and where I was going. Walking around aimlessly is my goal and in a city as big as my neighbourhood, it is easy.

Reyjkavík, the most northern city in the world, may not be much in terms of urbanisation but the city has the best background "wallpaper". No matter where you go, its adorned by the most gorgeous sky accompanied by snowy mountain(s) and to add into the wonder of it, the city is on a slope and the sea is not far away. This is exactly what Chinese call "sit mountain watch sea" (坐山看水) - best for feng shui.

Even though the daylight is extremely short, the sky is always beautiful. Sunset is my favourite time, with that as a background, no wonder Icelandic designs and people are simple. They don't have to chase after material or luxuries. Just look up or drive out of the city and look up. The nature gave something that Louis Vuitton couldn't give.

While I was there, I sent a few pictures to Pretty Girl. She replied :" You are in heaven!" I agree with her 100%. It was by far the prettiest natural scenery that I've seen.

I am not a nature person. I prefer living in a huge, overwhelming city than a beautiful little town. I hate crowded areas but I like the fact that people mind their own business and I get a pass for doing stupid things and no one would give a second thought about it. But Iceland truly impressed me.

Because of the friendly aura that Iceland gave, I met interesting people while I was there. I spoke to locals, got invited to an art opening and a concert and I even befriended fellow solo travellers. This is the only thing I regretted from my first solo trip - not befriending anyone.

Each of us have our own stories and reason as to why we are travelling alone. Although we share the same interest, not one of us have the same reason plus we don't ask things like "Won't you get bored or lonely travelling alone?" because we understand the freedom and how easy it is to travel alone. Of course, it doesn't hurt to know more people from different countries and backgrounds.

But I must say this is my proudest moment as an Asian. I got them to feed their camera before feeding themselves - typical Asians behaviour. I can't blame them, the food looks tasty and very presentable.

Leaving you with a piece of whale meat to ponder on how it tastes like.

Iceland, you have a lifelong fan. I am abandoning Amsterdam in favour of you, Reyjkavík.

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