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25 Jan 2014

If someone loves you

"鲁豫和前男友相恋六年、前男友都没有娶她的意思。于是她选择了结束六年的感情,当她遇到现在的老公时,见第一面时,鲁豫说她想结婚了。她老公只是笑了笑,在一起吃了顿饭,很开心,第二天各自回家告诉父母,一周后他们就订婚了,两周后他们结婚了,现在四年了.他们有一个三岁的儿子很幸福也很甜蜜。鲁豫说一个人爱不爱你不是看你们在一起的时间长短,而是他愿意给你一个承诺。” 我不懂什么叫挽留,我只知道,爱我的人不会离开我,因为他知道,我会难过。你无法叫醒一个装睡的人,也无法感动一个不爱你的人。”世上不爱的理由有很多:忙、累、为你好.... 而爱的表现只有一个:就想和你在一起!”"

Inspired by what Pretty Girl told me, I decided to translate this particular article that I came across just a couple weeks ago.

This was a story of a famous talk show host in China. Her former boyfriend never have the intention of marrying her, even after 6 years of being together. For that reason, she decided to end the relationship. She had only met her current husband once when both of them decided to get engaged and married couple weeks later. She is now happily married with a 3 year old son.

According to her, the duration of time is not what it matters, what matters is the commitment that he / she is willing to give. She once said she doesn't understand the concept of keeping someone, all she knows is, if someone loves her, he won't leave her because she being sad is the last thing he would ever wanted. You can't wake someone that is pretending to sleep and you won't be able to "touch" someone that doesn't love you, no matter what you do.

There are thousands and thousands of excuses for not loving someone - busy, tired, you deserve better a.k.a. I'm not good enough for you.......but there is only one act of love: he / she would want to spend eternity with you.

Wise people with wise saying: If he / she made up his mind, there is no turning back and there is no reason to ponder upon it. Know what's your worth, know what you deserve....

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