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2 Jan 2014


I am not a person that has New Year resolution. For starters, resolution shouldn't just be for New Year, start whenever you want. Secondly, why make resolutions when its never really kept? Last year, I didn't have any specific resolutions but I know I wanted to be happy.

I had given myself no guideline on how I should and will achieve this particular goal of mine. Mainly because I don't know how to. But as the year gone by, I learned how to be happier. I met great new people that turns into close and hopefully lifelong friends. I realised I already have awesome people in my life that love me all these while. With just that, I learned that life isn't that bad and to be truly happy, I have to get the negative thoughts out of my head and start filling it with positive ones. It wasn't easy but Thankfully, I have an amazing person that helped and still continue helping me.

In 2013, I never really had any significant achievements other than graduating once again. But I am very grateful nonetheless. Because of my rather pessimistic nature, I wasn't one that kept in touch with friends and never really bothered to. This changed after I got to know this bunch of awesome people, they make me want to keep in touch with them even though they are now scattered around the world. The old me would definitely cringed at the idea of it, dismissing it as wasting time and energy. I didn't think people would appreciate my effort. But I was dead wrong, people do appreciate and it was wrong of me to assume. Even though we are miles apart, it feels like they are always with me.

Of course, a year only have so many days (365 to be precise), so naturally it has to come to an end. What's better to celebrate an end and to welcome a new beginning by having a party? Any excuse to party is more like it.

I was invited to a party at a sports club, it was quite contrasting compared to my New Year Eve last year. Albeit in central London, I had a quiet night with my cousin, she cooked, we watched Rurouni Kenshin movie with bad English subtitle and we fell asleep shortly after watching the famous fireworks along Thames River at London Eye from afar.

This year, I moved out of Central London to a small town but that doesn't stop me from having a crazy night. I love how contrasting my 2 New Year Eves was. This proved that you don't have to be in a big, "exciting" city to be exciting. Being in the right company is all that matters. I danced and sang all night and had the most amazing countdown ever. Pushed my limit yet again and got really really "happy" at the end of the party. *Looks like my 2013 includes finding my own limit and discovered that I can actually dance* This past year, I had a lot of first, among the other this is the first time I spent New Year's Eve with new people I get to know this year alone.

Even though there are lots of drama throughout the year, I had the best time alone, best summer so far, best new friends and this is all I could ask for.

Excuse my narcissism, I am loving my complexion here.
As a bonus, I got Curly to dress up (close enough) and pose for a selfie for New Year. This year is off to a good start I'd say. To a better year ahead, continue to make yourself happy - this is the only thing that should matter anyway.

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