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6 Feb 2014

Chinese New Year 2014

I never enjoy Chinese New Year as an adult. This is because I have yet to accept the tradition of 20 Questions that follows some sort of flowchart depending which stage of life you currently belonged to which include but not limit to the following (this is a list applicable to me or any 24 year old young lady out there):

  1. Q: Do you have a boyfriend? 
  2. Q: If answer to 1 is YES, when get married?
  3. Q: If answer to 1 is NO, when find a boyfriend? Like I get to choose when to find.
  4. Q: If answer to 2 is SOON, when? 
  5. Q: If answer to 2 is DUNNO YET, aiya, why not? Your parents will be very happy. My parents will be happy if I am with a man that loves me, not for me to just marry quick.

I am too lazy and also I am lucky enough to dodged the Chinese New Year bullet for quite a few years, so the questions might have evolved.

With that as the main reason, I never like Chinese New Year. But this year's Chinese New Year had a new record of uneventful (or eventful). 

It started with reunion breakfast, prepared lovingly by Pretty Girl all the way in Thailand. All the love was received even though the breakfast is virtual. 

Its so healthy it is unreal. Chinese New Year food is anything BUT healthy. With my virtual breakfast in the tummy, I set out to meet up with a friend. 

The rest of the day was spent catching up in between drinks and monopoly. At least I had my gambling fix there and I won in exactly 15 minutes because we are too excited to sit and play monopoly. I am kidding, I don't gamble.

So I start my Chinese New Year the same way I started my New Year. Chinese New Year 2014 marks the first day of Year of Horse, which is supposedly good for me (snake), so I am thrilled to find what 2014 has in store for me. Because the forecast about health problem came true, I fell sick on the FIRST day of Chinese new Year. So now that the bad forecast had been fulfilled, let the GOOD began!

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