Written while Drunk on Thoughts

14 Feb 2014

St Valentine


She is a Marshmallow.
Sweet, soft and melts in the mouth.
Trying to survive, trying to fit in and trying to strive.

She was burned and badly bitten.
So she forced herself to get harden.
Shutting everyone out, trying to protect herself.

Call it fate, call it chance.
This is how she met Coffee.
Dark, bitter yet so delicious and energetic.

She knows it is going to hurt.
She knows she will potentially get burnt.
If she ever goes too near.

She still took the risk.
And dive in with that hot steamy Coffee.
Knowing she would once again get burned.

One day, a conversation between them happened.
"I enjoyed my time with you but you are not my destiny.
SHE is always my destiny"

Burn! Badly burned.
She grew smaller with every burn.
But that is not going to stop her.

For she is Marshmallow, sweet, soft and best of all, flexible.

- Melavigne

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