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20 Feb 2014

The ONEs

I count my blessings everyday for having met those people that I did. Among all those people, there is a lovely lady that shine so bright she almost blind me the first (and only) time we met. Yet she continue to make an impact in my life. She is THAT inspiring.

She recently wrote a piece on LOVE. Things and people that she loves. What really stand out was what she wrote at the very end of the long long article.

Here’s to:
The ones that pull at our heart strings. 
The first love. 
The one after the first that seemed like a good idea but was really just a rebound. 
The one you stayed with for too long. The one that got away. 
The one that cracked your chest open and made you think you’d never love again. 
The one that proved you wrong. 
The one that you knew was wrong, but you stayed anyway. 
The one that was maybe too young. 
The one that wasn’t ready. 
The one who wanted to slow down. 
The one that will always try to get you back. 
The one you ran away from. 
The one that will always make you wonder. 
The one that you maybe shouldn't of loved, but you did. You just did. 
The one that moved away. 
The one who thought they weren't good enough. 
The one who was drawn to your light and then dimmed it because they couldn't keep up. 
The one that you almost married. 
The one that you felt so drawn to even though they always seemed to let you down. 
The one that takes your breath away. Every. Single. Time.
And here’s to the one that will make you forget about the rest.

This paragraph made me cried so hard and also made me SMILE. Then it inspired me to immortalise her words in my blog and to add a few of my own.

The one that is too logical for his own good.
The one that doesn't think you are worth fighting for.
The one that SHINE so bright and instead of helping you to shine, you ended up in the shadow.
The one that came into your life just to help you grow.

And lastly....

The one who is still hung on to the past. *This is by far the scariest one, in my opinion*

Then I remember this:

And here’s to the one that will make you forget about the rest.

AND All is good again.

If you are interested in the rest of her article, head over to http://rugged-luxury.com/. I promise you that she will make you smile and laugh then cry then SMILE again.

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