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3 Oct 2013

Creative Writing

I am writing because I always love writing. Many people in my life told me that they admire people that could write and write and write. Some told me that they not persistent enough or are too lazy to do it daily. Even though I am good numerically, I longed to be good artistically, but unfortunately, I can only draw to an extent, I can't design, so I decided writing is a perfect outlet for me to express myself. Now that I have more free time on hand, I write a lot a lot more. I even chose to attend Creative Writing class once a week. Even though a few person don't really agree that I should attend a class to learn how to write, I think being exposed to writing formally will help me appreciate what I am writing even more.

For starters, writers see a text much more differently than non-writers. True enough, everyone is a writer, who hasn't write essays in their life? No matter how much you hated it, everyone has to write essays in language classes and if you are from Malaysia, you would probably have to write it in at least 2 languages. But those essays are different, we followed a certain structure, a certain plot (usually plots that would score us the highest marks possible) and are never allowed to write, creatively. A friend of mine wrote about his thoughts on a series of books (I don't remember the name) for his English class, because he knew his teacher will like it. Of course, he aced it.

During school time, writing is always a must, but it doesn't come from the heart, it always come from memories, from pages and pages of essays we tried hard to cramped into our head the day before the exam. So, suffice to say, a lot of people hated it.

I remembered when I was 15 someone asked me what do I want to be when I grow up, I told him I wanted to be a writer. I suppose I always know what I wanted but did not follow through that ambition of mine. So, attending Creative Writing class is a step closer to what I would love to do. Right now, its a hobby but who know what will happen in the future.

Anyway, this is something I wrote during the class and would love to share. The tutor walked us through memories of our life - from early years till present. She told us to write something when we were a kid, 10th birthday, thing / person we loved most during our teenage years, favourite place and the place we are living now (more precisely, the room in a house we hang out most). To be honest, writing came pretty easy for me when I was writing about my baby years, favourite place and the place I hang out most. But when it comes to my 10th birthday and the thing / person I loved most during my teenage years, I was just making things up. I got stuck and uninspired.

This is why I love about writing. Writing reflects a certain part of the author, it may be fictional but the final work will always reflect the characteristic of the author. It will also reflect characteristic and personality of the reader. Well, someone that prefer to see things the positive way would never chose to read something dark and depressing or they would not enjoy it. I am now very clear that why I was stuck and uninspired when I was writing about my 10th birthday and my teenage years. Those were the years I "blanked" out, I was searching for myself and is always uncomfortable and insecure. I am happy to know that I grew out of it and its those years that shaped my character. So, even though I hated my high school years (and the fact that I went to an all girls' school), its those experience that made me who I am. My friend once told me "Love it or hate it, treasure it, its what makes you who you are today. If you were to go to a mixed gender school, you would be less "you" and we probably wouldn't have crossed paths." I think she is right, even with the ups and downs, I wouldn't want my life to turn out any other way (and it could only get better from here).

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