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16 Oct 2013

Walk down Memory Lane

Norwich, a small town where I spent about 3 years of my 24 years living in. Ever since coming back to England, I always wanted to visit Norwich but never seem to have time or just plain lazy / procrastinating. Somehow last Saturday, I decided that its time to visit Norwich.

Somehow, I managed to plan an agenda for everyday through this week, starting the week with a walk down memory lane and ending it with an outing with a new friend but I left one particular person out. Of course, he wasn't too happy about it but it turns out to be a pleasant surprise.

I can't believe that I am saying this but one of the many reasons I procrastinated to go back is because I am afraid. I am afraid that I will be sad, I don't want to face everything that I once had and lost. Going back will remind me of everything that I failed to do.

Oddly, I felt intimidated. Its so familiar but it scares me, Norwich scares me. I know its strange but I felt more free and easy in London considering its so much bigger and chances that you will never see a person that you don't personally know more than once. Having lived in London for the past year gave me the feeling that Norwich is just like Penang. I never had this feeling before. Walking down memory lane does give you a mixed feeling, in my case, literally.

I didn't quite managed to do everything that I wanted, partly because I wanted to save it for the next time, partly because this was too sudden. Anyway, enough of me reminiscing the past. Norwich is beautiful. Its smaller than I remember though, the railway station and Norwich city centre is about the distance between where I live and the nearest underground station in London.

My favourite cafe in Norwich, its the first stop I made.

Then I took the bus back to University of East Anglia.

It wasn't a sunny day, in fact its slightly chilly but it brings me back to where I was 5 years ago, I even located where my room is and saw the new students currently living in there. I regret not getting out from the room to the lake more.

View from the roof top of Suffolk Terrace.

Not to forget where I spent my 2nd and 3rd year of University with my former housemate, Alex. 

In the end, I came back to London feeling content. Yes, things changed. Norwich didn't change much, University doesn't change much except that there are another accommodation building near Colman House currently going under construction. School of Economics moved to a new location and the opposite of where it used to be.

But I changed a great deal. I used to fuss about how far it was having to live outside university and the long bus ride to city centre. I used to be afraid of things that I am not certain with. I am still afraid but now I learnt how not to fuss about it too much, just try my very best.

Hope you enjoy this mini tour around Norwich. Hopefully in the near future I would be able to take more picture around Norwich.

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