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21 Oct 2013

18 October 2013

Two nights ago, without planning, I had the best night in my life so far. Why was it the best night? Well, it involves the usual elements you need to have the best night and some more. I hit myself (softly) on the head that I ALMOST missed a great night out.

The day started out rather crappily with the usual family drama (my family must have miss me too much, they decided to remind me of them with a bit of drama) and I went into a very upset mode which quickly turned into a defensive-do-not-talk-to-me-or-I-will-kill-you mode. Thankfully, no one was harm.

The day went by in a rush because we were in a rush. We rush to university then rush down to Cheam (with coffee in between), then rush back to London. Everything is rather like a blur due to the rush and the tears in my eyes.

But I was wrong, what was originally a rather sucky day turns out to be quite fun. We rushed to a pub called "The Comedy Pub/Club" which essentially is down the road from Eat Tokyo. I was so tempted to head towards the food instead of the loud loud music. We went there and I met the funniest, coolest and easy going person on earth (based on first impression - its not easy to achieve that), she is what I expected but more. Even though she know me for 2 seconds, she would tried to make me feel less awkward (I know exactly one person there and being the most outgoing person on earth, I find it too difficult to fit in) and by the end of the night, it's as if I knew her for my entire life.

Night started out with some weird, country-folk songs moving into a soul (my kind) of music and ended with a very young Beatles lookalikes. I went out for a breather and apparently I went out for what seems like a few minutes turns out to be an hour because the performance ended .....

.... and I found these 2 dancing.

I envy the larger in life attitude where having fun is all that matters that they have. All I did is sit there and laugh my butt off. B decided to have round 2 and walked around Soho and got to a rather cool dining / pub call Garlic and shots. There is literally garlic in everything, including beer. But it was too crowded and we decided to give it a pass and ended up at Thirst.

I probably had told everyone that I met that I can't dance, I absolutely can't stress enough that I CANNOT dance. Of course, its only a matter of time I met someone that LOVE LOVE LOVE dancing more than he loves sleeping and eating. He had previously tried to convinced / hoaxed / persuade / everything shy of beg for me to go dancing with him and I always refused, lets face it who wants to make a fool out of themselves? But last Friday night I did, I said yes and went dancing. As much I hate to admit it, I ENJOYED it. R said to me "the whole thing about you not being able to dance, you are lying."

So, we danced our night away. The night not only re-lifted my mood and helped me decide what to do to my ongoing family drama, I made new friends, helped me find a side of me that I didn't know I have and found a side of him that I didn't know that I would ever find. In spite of all the drama, all is well.

Disclaimer: I was too busy enjoying my night and forgot to take pictures. Also the light is not exactly helping in taking pictures, of course, I couldn't stop laughing and that doesn't help in taking pictures and that, I am not sorry.

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