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21 Nov 2013

Still alive

Oh dear.... I've abandoned this space for a month. I wasn't particularly busy but a lot had happened, I learnt so much in the past 6 months than I had the past 23 years in my life.

Life had been rather mundane with most weekdays being very "routine" but just when I was about to sit down on the weekends to dread about how mundane it will be again in the forthcoming week, I got pulled away from the comfy couch, forced to put on "going out" clothes and actually go out.

Not that I am complaining but the weekends always made me forget about how routine the weekdays are. Weekends are always spontaneous, unplanned and full of surprises!!!! It was always always fun, so fun that I forgot the existence of my phone and no picture was taken during those events.

Last week I was invited to my former flatmate and another friend's birthday party at Greenwich. The view is so wonderfully pretty, we were dining at a restaurant by the dock overlooking the river. If the weather is slightly warmer, it will be perfect. But the highlight of the night is the look of my friend's face when I handed him his orange gift.

Somehow the temperature deciding to give us abit of surprise and having a bit of fun with us. The temperature went from 9/10 degree celsius to 0/1 degree celsius in a day! Even though its nothing like Turkey which my friend told me that they have snow during October, but I am not loving this weather.
It seems like Summer have completely wiped my memory of previous months' weather clean. I don't remember it being this cold. But of course, the one perk of being in the cold, its more romantic when taking strolls in the middle of the night. *wink* That is until rain decided that its not cold enough.

Somehow with all these cold, I feel warmer inside (Maybe this is why I feel so much colder now).

Hope this very short and concise post satisfy your craving of me for a while.

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