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8 Nov 2014

Once in a while, its good to look back

Remember that many times that I walked past London Eye and squeezed past the never ending tourist onto Westminster Bridge, hoping to get out of the crowd immediately. All I could think of is walking as fast as my legs are able to and as swift as my human-avoiding skill allows me to, never really stopped to admire the glorious House of Parliament, headed straight past Parliament Square just to get to the bus stop as fast as I could. Today, it dawned to me that I might have had looked up once in a while and stole glances of the House of Parliament and Big Ben, scanned through the square to see any interesting protest is going on there. But I never once turn my head at look back to where I come from.

The past should stay in the past for many reasons, my favourite one is "Why dwell on it when you can do nothing about it?" But yet I find myself thinking about it from time to time. Sometimes I wished things could be different, sometimes I wonder will I be thinking about other options if I were to make my decisions differently, sometimes I am glad that I followed the route I am on right now.

Most of the time, I shake my head and shrug it off, reminding myself" There is no point, no amount of thinking will make things different." But there are times that I find myself smiling or even grinning stupidly to myself. My decisions led me to what I am today and even though circumstances could be better than it is now, I will never change the way I did things."

Never look back, unless its to see how far you've come. The past may be an ugly mess, heck, the present may be an even messier time but *lets pull out the cliche* c'est la Vie. Messier life are more fun anyway. So to every mistake I made, thank you for teaching me a lesson. For every person that came in my life, thank you for helping me grow. For everyone that left, thank you for helping me realise sometime in life I have to just "let it be". For each and everyone that stayed, thank you for staying and I love you all.

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