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9 Aug 2014

Pending Love

Another person, another city, another Goodbye. It doesn't get any easier, in the midst of all the crying and questions, it dawned to me - I didn't want permanence, not yet. I am not willing to commit when all I could think of is to keep exploring the world. Though sometimes, life throw some obstacles and made me think twice every now and then, my mind never sway far from the adventures I could have had. Thanks for making a rather mundane duration of my life worth getting excited for. Thanks for helping me realised what I deserve. Thanks for being an important person in my adventures, 外星人. To the exchange of many future cheesy articles.

Pending Love

The day we met
Fresh out of the love battle
Refused to get back in the very same battle

We are both from different planets.
Both stars,
travelling in search of our perfect match.

I found you at an unexpected collusion.
A collusion that burns.
A collusion which flame never goes out.

We did not shatter from the collusion.
We fused together
And made a unique star
so beautiful that millions admire.

The journey to earth isn't an easy one.
Together we fight our way through,
enduring the burning, piercing pain.

The burn worn us out.
The burn exhaust us.
But we kept trying,
fighting to stay together.

There's an old cliché: Everything good has to come to an end.
But we are not clichés.
We are the love that is pending.
Piercing through all elements of time and space.

- Melissa 

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