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26 Aug 2014

Best Supporting Role in Life

We are liken the opposite polarity in a magnet. Yet, you will always find us in one. She is North and I am South. She is tall and I am "petite". She lives north to where I do. Introducing my other half of the magnet and this is our story.

Just like any pair of humans, we have a story to tell. We met in a cold, rainy but wonderful city called London. Both strangers to the city trying to make sense of how people live in such gloomy and wet city and still absolutely love it. It was an October evening, 2012. It was then our love story started and the rest was history.

Actually, NO. We remained acquaintances for a better part of the time we were roommates, both busy with our lives and didn't cross paths until late May the following year. I'll be honest, it started with a boy, lots of food and then followed by another boy and another (2 out of 3 is mine :p). She went through it with me, no matter where we both were. Now, none of those mentioned boys play a major role in our lives and here we are, closer than ever.

Our relationship had evolved to a level that in almost every experience I shared, it involves "my best friend in Thailand". Yes, I am that annoying and she is that influencing. We are so different but we found a connection between us. We did not share a lot of beliefs and principles but we did not judge the other for making choices that the other wouldn't. It wasn't the easiest having to compromise but its all part of the "perfect" relationship. A "perfect" relationship that is full of flaws and requires a lot of effort. A relationship that we both are willing to work towards.

We did not live in the same city but yet we managed to see each other every 3 or 4 months and this time round, I flew myself to Bangkok to see her. When we do, it was as if no time had passed. This is my perfect long distance relationship. *If only I could actually put my effort into other relationships.*

True friend isn't being inseparable, true friend is being separated and nothing changes.

From London to Cologne, from Berlin to Bangkok. NOTHING changes. 

I miss you...

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  1. omg just read this! so beautiful ah
    love you and miss you too : )