Written while Drunk on Thoughts

1 Sep 2014

Food, Hair Flips and more Food

One of the many perks of having your best friend living in a different country? You always have a valid reason to visit that city. This year, for my birthday I decided on a spontaneous trip to Bangkok. This is probably the most spontaneous trip I had thus far. Planning, research and execution took less than 12 hours. I wasn't that interested in getting to know Bangkok through the many sights and great temples Bangkok has to offer, I am more interested in spending those few days just being with her. Its like London all over again but with warm weather and a car.

There are lots of food involved. MANGO. GLUTINOUS RICE. INTERNAL ORGANS. CAKE. FRENCH TOAST. WINE. FISH CAKES. COCONUT. FRÜH. COFFEE. Did I mentioned that I devoured 2 entire mangoes by myself? I am born to live in Thailand.


The high quality photo taking. If Pretty Girl claimed to be the Candid-Photo-Queen, no one could beat her. She always managed to take my best (back) side. 

My takeaway from this trip? Great snacks, yet another great memory with Pretty Girl and this lesson - "The best things that happened in our lives are never planned."