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21 Dec 2013

Gaudi and his colours

Barcelona, what came to mind? Paella. Sagrada Família. Gaudi. To me, probably just Paella. Don't judge. I have a facebook photo album dedicated to gluttony. I've decided to travel to Barcelona for a short trip because of a several reasons. For starters, I never been to Spain and my mother prefer a milder and temperate weather than chilly Cologne and of course, the cheaper plane ticket make decisions making a no-brainer.

The trip was originally scheduled and planned for four persons - Parents, brother and me. But sadly, it was only 3 of us when Dad couldn't make it. Which also mean the trip basically falls on my shoulder. I don't like the idea of it because I wanted a getaway, not to organise a trip that cater to the taste of a rather unadventurous human being. So, I drown myself in dishes and dishes of Paella. That might be a tad exaggerating.

But if asked whether I enjoyed the trip, yes I did. I never been to Spain, everything is new to me. =) And the colours! Colours everywhere. Except me, which have a suitcase full of black clothes.

I must say going on a trip with your mother and a brother that refused to believe the cute waiter at the restaurant bought you a glass of wine just because he wants to takes the fun out a little. But all in all, with all the colours, the perfect winter - sun + cold, I must say I am loving Barcelona a lot.

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