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8 Jan 2015

Annee Deux Mill quartorze

Its a year of change, a year of growth, a year of opportunities, a year of understanding and a year of love.

Went on spiritual and physical journey.
This is really a bit of a floozy claim. I was very lost since late 2012, not entirely sure what I wanted to do and constantly doubting myself. Adding in getting increasingly annoyed by my life situation just to realise that situation in life is not going to change if I don't accept changes and a lot of times its just a change of perspective that does the job. I've written an entire essay on how to embrace change here. I'll be honest, I still have those annoyed moments when things don't go my way but the improvement is, these moments come in smaller doses than ever. Considered change.

Proudest achievement is finding peace within myself
I decided to give yoga a try after being recommended by a friend. I never considered myself a yoga person. I love adrenalin, I like momentum, I like not doing something in slow motion, in short - I refused to succumb myself to myself entirely. 

Yoga requires the yogi to entirely rely on him / herself. Previously I have thought practising Yoga is an easy feat, I mean how difficult can those several poses be? WRONG. I realised I wasn't as strong and definitely not patient enough. Practising Yoga allow myself to find my weaknesses and work on it. I still wasn't very sure of it yet but I've seen changes in myself, physically and mentally. 

Running to a whole new level, 10 miles
This is where I got my adrenalin fix - Runner's high. Running started out as an escape and slowly all that huffing and puffing did not allow much distraction to the mind anymore. But whenever I find myself stressing over things, all I have to do is go for a run, a short 20 minute run set a whole new perspective for me. There surely is nothing a cup of tea and a run can't fix.

New additions to my body art
Its no surprise to everyone that know me, I am a fan of "body art". I started piercing my ears since I was 12 and didn't stop until I had both of my ears full of piercings. After I've grown older, I shifted to tattoos. I started late, I've gotten my first tattoo when I was 22. 2014 is the year I started live in my "Live. Laugh. Love" tattoo. The point of it is, I need to learn how to Live then to Laugh only to Love. I managed to fulfill Live and Laugh pretty well. But I am still learning to love. If I was a hopeless romantic, I am certainly not anymore. But slowly I allow good things to grow organically rather than trying to force it. Sometimes, learning to love also means letting what or who that doesn't make you happy go and sometimes its letting that person go because I don't make him / her happy anymore. 

As of today I have 4 tattoos and I don't plan to start anytime soon. 

Did I mentioned books? Read record number of books
2014 was a year of searching; soul searching, job searching, searching for inspiration. When I wasn't searching, I inject my brain with much needed knowledge. I was always a fan of books but genres are limited to fictional and motivational. I started giving poetry a try then dive straight into those I deemed cheesy-motivational in the past. 

I have successfully completed 31 books when the year is over. My favourite book is a kid's book recommended by my best friend - The Little Prince.

New languages
I wasn't a person that is strong in languages in school. Although I hated Mathematics to the core, I excelled in Mathematics and had once considered pursuing Maths for my tertiary studies. I decided to learn an extra language that I've always wanted to after I completed my thesis 15 months ago while travelling around. 3 months worth of French later although I did not have more than 20 vocabulary in me, I managed to do something that I had previously thought I needed talent to do so. 

I am now still learning French and the language is sticking to me pretty well. 2015, I challenged myself to another language while learning French. I am not sure how well I will fare but as far as challenges go, I am loving this one. 

Friends and Loved Ones
I am not a home person. I have enough bad experiences with friends that makes me never want to grow attach to anyone. But I've met enough good people in 2014 to make me have faith in human kind after all, not to mention the awesome people that helped me through thick and thin. Those that never hesitated when I needed to borrow their ear. 

Of course there won't be great times without sad ones. I lost a few friends to distance and life. As a person of action, it pains me greatly that whilst effort could be put in to retain the relationship. Sometimes its time to let go. So however unwillingly, I let it go like how Queen Elsa did. 

I used to appreciate grand gestures, now I would cherish a simple well-meaning wish or blessing. A bad event could be a blessing in disguise or a wake up call. A good one could be a disaster in the making. When great things happen, be humble. When bad ones come knocking on your door, remember that it might just be a lesson for a better future. See the beauty in everything! There is bound to have something worth remembering in each and every event.

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