Written while Drunk on Thoughts

17 Mar 2017


It has been 1 & a half year. I've abandoned the project that was born out of the intention to update my friends back home and progressively intensify whilst I was job hunting.

Then came the job and saying goodbye to all free time...

Besides holding a demanding "9-5" job that took on average 10 - 15 hours a day, I took the liberty to learn 2 new languages; during weekends or weekdays evening. In addition to that, I got addicted to learning how to stand on my 2 hands. Then came the weekend projects - meal prepping for the next 5 days.

I lost contact with the friends that I created this blog post for. I lost all time to even update. I utilise those free time by staying in bed a little longer. Weekends swoosh by, days, weeks, months, years. I took on a job to afford my lifestyle but my lifestyle that I so desperately wanted to cling on to is constantly threaten by work.

I've not gotten far to where I want to go in life; work was fulfilling until a certain extend before turning into under appreciated dreadfulness. I had been toying with the idea to make a come back in this blog. Minus the pretty pictures, adding all these adult realness sprinkled with some psychological hurdles.

I am still clawing my way out from the hole I fell into....

Planning is in progress.... Loading...

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