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17 Sep 2015

Humans. Good or Evil?


There's a saying in Chinese - Humans are born kind, education, social influence are to blame for wrong doings. I plead the opposite, arguably because I am not a nice person.

Humans are born evil. Education & Social Influence taught us to be kind to each other. 

Assuming every human being are born neutral - a blank piece of paper. Everything written on it are absorbed from the moment this human was born. It's easily arguable that society are responsible for all those misdeeds, wrong-doings, bad stuff. Our society aren't exactly model society (which is something i like about) so its hard not to place all the blames on it.

There are all kinds of people, events - fortunate or unfortunate, to affect at least one individual on the second basis. How many times do you wished for a better world every time you switch on tv to watch the news? How about reading what's latest on twitter? Facebook? In this era of information overload, society is very vulnerable to all the blames that happen to it.

However, there are good people in the society as well. I've witnessed enough noble & selfless acts to be convinced that there are good on earth. But not enough to be convinced that Humans are wired to be kind. We are all wired to survive, even if that is to sacrifice another human being to ensure our own survival.

What breaks my heart even further is we are now no longer doing disgusting acts not in the name of survival. Perhaps I am too much of a pessimistic. But I will never gave up looking for kindness in this huge mess of a world. I believe there's good for every evil.

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